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Inspiring the next generation of problem solvers and creative thinkers

A group of Girls for Tech

Algorithms, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Cryptology.

These are the buzz words of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

They are also the focus of Girls4Tech, Mastercard's signature STEM education program.

Welcome to Girls4Tech!

We’d like to invite your students to join the community of millions of girls across 64 countries and territories. These Girls4Tech have discovered how their skills and strengths can lead to a STEM career as a Cryptologist, Fraud Detective, Data Scientist or Design Engineer (just to name a few)!


Here at Mastercard, we need your students' help to think about some of the big issues and challenges our communities face. Our mission is to find the next generation of problem solvers and creative thinkers. That's YOUR student!


Scroll down to find a collection of fun interactive STEM activities for your students. Teacher guides are also provided to facilitate group instruction. Activities are available in ten languages. And you can provide your contact info to stay in touch and receive our Girls4Tech Newsletter.

Become a part of Girls4Tech!  

Thank you for helping us create the world’s largest STEM program designed for young girls.

To date, we’ve reached nearly 7 million girls — two years earlier than the goal we announced in 2020, and per research conducted by Euromonitor, we were named the world’s largest STEM program designed for young girls in 2023. (Euromonitor:  Source: Euromonitor International Ltd; Largest by enrollment/participation in programs for girls only. Research conducted Dec.2022-Jan. 2023 concerning 2022 data.

500+ events

We are pleased to provide your students with online access to selected activities from Mastercard's signature STEM curriculum: Girls4Tech. We invite you to share and enjoy these activities with your students. 


Girls4Tech connects the foundations of our business to STEM principles through inquiry-based activities and real-world challenges. Through Girls4Tech, your child will have the opportunity to play the role of several Mastercard STEM professionals. It takes all kinds of interests and skills to pursue a career in STEM, and we hope your students will enjoy learning how their skills might lead them to a STEM career.


To access the interactive activities, simply click on a topic. You can download and print the pages and start the conversation about STEM and STEM careers. Activities are available in ten languages via the TRANSLATIONS tab above.  



Susan Warner

Girls4Tech Founder, Mastercard



Dear Teachers & Families


Stay in touch

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